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Grant for the development of a tubular chain conveyor

Tubular chain conveyor

The company Technex Ukraine develops and manufactures equipment for the agribusiness complex and such industries as food, chemical, woodworking, fuel, construction.


We were inspired by the equipment of the German company Schrage Rohrkettensystem GmbH. Namely, conveyor systems based on tubular chain conveyor designs.


The whole line of equipment represented by Schrage Rohrkettensystem GmbH is widely used in Europe. In Ukraine, there are no analogues of such systems, and the high cost of such equipment is not suitable for Ukrainian enterprises.


We made decisions to develop the Ukrainian analogue of this type of equipment, which will reduce the cost of this type of equipment, give Ukrainian enterprises a highly efficient type of transport system.


Such systems bypass the manufactured domestic equipment in order of technical characteristics and efficiency.


Main advantages:


There is no dust formation of the transported raw materials;

Silent operation of the equipment;

No sticking;

Unit cleaning system of working bodies;

Ability to embed any number of inputs and outlets;

Transportation along difficult trajectories;

Vertical transportation at an angle of 90 degrees;

The ability to change the linear dimensions of the conveyor, angles;

Low space requirements - simple installation;

Tightness of a design;

Gentle delivery of bulk products;


Let us consider in more detail the last two points.


The tightness of the tubular chain conveyor design allows you to move chemical and food products under the open sky, as well as get rid of the smell of raw materials.


Gentle delivery of bulk products will be the most useful in Ukraine. Ukraine is the world leader in the agribusiness complex, growing and delivering wheat around the world.


At the moment, many transshipment areas, which the grain passes, starting from harvesting and ending with the final shipment, have screw and belt conveyor systems.


When transporting on a screw conveyor, some of the grains crumble.

The percentage of waste is from 1 to 3%.


When transported by belt conveyors, grain products wipe off their protective layer, which affects the product storage time.


All these disadvantages during transportation eliminate tubular chain conveyors.


The main components of the tubular chain conveyors:


Drive station

Tension block


Viewing section

Shipping tube

Swivel section

Conveyor chain with scrapers

Discharge funnel


The maximum length of the tubular chain conveyor is 60 meters horizontally or 30 meters in vertical execution


Such conveyors are intended, first of all, for transportation of dry, and are applicable in such industrial branches as:


Food / agricultural industry

Chemical / Pharmaceutical Industry

Building materials industry

Mining / coal industry

Wood industry

Glass industry

Fertilizer industry

Mining industry

Power generation

Foundry / steel making

Ceramic industry

Recycling / Environmental Engineering


Development of design documentation takes time and hard work. For these purposes, we want to enlist the support of European organizations and are ready to take part in a competition for a grant.

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